Tran Huynh Thuong Sinh

Born 27/02/2002

Fraser syndrome:Sinh is born without eyes,she is also deaf and cannot use her hands.She does not walk.

Thanks to the Perkins School for the Blinds and the  Dinh Chieu School for The Blind of Ho Chi Minh city ,this young girl has twice a week a teacher who takes care of her and helps her to make progress.

Infos about Fraser syndrome:





I called to the midwife and asked her boss to allow me have an appointment. Dr Phuong Tan is very friendly, she knows the little girl very well and she took me to see the girl without delay when i said i want to meet the girl and her caregivers.

I will come back the village this Friday and I will take some photos for you (of course, if have permission of the director). 

I am sure the little girl can respond to some acts, for example, when i slapped her back, she managed to push my hand out, when i kept her to sit up straight, she seemed to be irritable and managed to creep to other place...

She likes to bend her back and her neck (that the cause they fastened her with the cloth to the cradle - they want to keep her sit u), i think that position make her comfortable because she has problems at respiration. 

Ha Thanh Van
Principal Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for The Blind of Ho Chi Minh city



Dear Françoise,

Our teacher come to Hoa Binh village one day a week for helping the caregiver how to teach the girl. Thuong Sinh does not sit straight so the first plan we make for her is keeping traight her neck and back. She was not comfortable and cried at the first time when we taught her but now she is better. We ask her sit up when the lunch instead lie down on the floor. We also give her some tactile toy for developing her touching of sense.

Don't worry. We manage to do the best for her.




Dear Françoise, 

I will leave Ms. Van to give you details of her progress as it is her teachers who visit the orphanage regularly. Sinh is a lovely child and responded well in the little time I had with her. I will be in Vietnam in April/May and she will certainly be one of children I will visit. 

The issue of children like Sinh having poor access to appropriate educational environments is a large one and I wish there was a way to address it. For each child who finds a champion like you, there are numerous who have no chance to develop to their potential. 

Regards  namita

Perkins International



Dear Françoise, 

There are 2 teachers of NDC who come to the Tu Du Peace village twice a week for working with the child and helping the caregivers to educating her. I am sure  Sinh has good progress. She can realize Ms. Suong who often teaches her every Friday morning.  Sinh can walk with a support equipment and she also communicate to some children in her room now. Ms. Suong has learnt from Dr. Namita and she has been applying what she learnt during teaching Sinh. She has got much enthusiasm for her work at the  Peace village to teach Sinh. Of course, she also guided some knowledge and skills to caregivers about how to teach Sinh.I sent another teacher – Ms. Thuy who come to there for playing with Sinh once a week after she finish her work at school.

As you know, it is difficult so much to teach a girl who has not get any education before but we promise we will manage to do the best for her.

We are waiting for Dr. Namita come back and continue to conduct us more skills.

I hope you will see the differences of Sinh when you visit again Vietnam next time.

Best wishes,



31 mai 2012

Photos sent by Mrs Van ,Principal Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for The Blind of Ho Chi Minh city .