Sponsorship of Agent Orange disabled children in Vietnam

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Last update 29/07/2014

Last news and photos from Tu Du's Peace Village here

Françoise Brassart : Founder

 - Evelyne Nguyen Thi Luc : Treasurer

 - Quoc Truong Dinh : Board Member in Vietnam


During the Vietnam War, the American military sprayed over 18 million gallons of the defoliant named “Agent Orange” on Vietnam. The military claimed it was harmless and was only used to clear the leaves off of trees to spot North Vietnamese soldiers. The harmless aspect of Agent Orange would later be challenged, and proved wrong. The dioxin in Agent Orange can lead to many health and enviromental issues. Health issues range from liver cancer to severe birth defects and miscariages. People that were not yet born, or never came in to direct contact with Agent Orange, became victims of its effects through the land they lived in. Today, over 3o years later, the effects of Agent Orange are stronger then the day it was sprayed.

A high number of the affected children are abandonned because their families are very poor and cannot assume the expansive cares in hospital. In Ho Chi Minh City The Tu Du Peace Village is a treatment/care centre which welcomes about 60 disabled children ,most of them have been abandoned since birth.

The coverage  is multidisciplinary: doctors, nurses, primary school teacher, technicians, but there is a  lack of personnel . The association " Les Amis de Xuan Minh " wishes to help these children with a sponsorship program.

We have too a sponsorship program for children affected by Agent Orange and living in poor families.

 The amount per month for sponsoring a child is 50 euros for 3 months.

Our email address: fbloin@orange.fr


Read here a text of Chuck Palazzo

Thanks to Chuck Palazzo who allowed us to publish his text and photo.

Chuck Palazzo
Agent Orange Action Group
Hoa Binh Chapter, Veterans For Peace





Our association offered a computer to one of our sponsored disabled children


Our association has offered a wheelchair to Hoang Thi Hanh , 17

This young girl needs a sponsorship.Please inform us if you are interested:







Fundraising for these two young sisters who both have epidermolysis bullosis (EB)

What is EB:please read here:http://blog.ebinfoworld.com/?tag=what-is-eb

 Sponsorship program

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